Sunday, June 15, 2008

Where am in relation to technology?

I am very comfortable with technology. Somewhat out of necessity because of a lack of resources for mathematics. Both as a student and educator fascinated and in love with mathematics I often have to create many of my own activities and resources. Even with textbooks that have many included activities, I find them to sometimes be more about other subjects than mathematics. Please know, that I am not a mathematical purist that believes that math exists in its own little universe. I simply mean that sometimes I am not trying to show how a mathematical principle in used in other disciplines but I want to show how it is used mathematically. In college, math majors were strongly encouraged to take programming and software design classes because so little technology was tailored for math that a mathematician would have to write their own programs or alter existing programs to perform certain mathematical processes.

I do not know where to place myself on the technological learning curve. I consider myself a lover and perpetual student when it comes to technology. As such, I look forward to learning from the upcoming training and staff development as well as from my fellow bloggers?

So, I will let those who read my blog be the judge of how adept I am at using technology.

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